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 Artists in Solidarity

Artists in Solidarity

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Who are you?
  •  We are a 501(c)3 Public Charity. See Information for details.

You say that all proceeds minus expenses are donated to certain organizations each year. What are these expenses?
  • We are a small nonprofit and work to keep our overhead low so we can give the most funds to our receiving organizations. 
  • Our expenses are annual  CA State required filing fees for nonprofit organizations, bank fees, the cost of a PO box, and any credit card fees not covered by bidders during the auction. 
  • You can help keep our costs low by choosing to cover the credit card fee when bidding.
Where are you located?
  • We operate out of Oceanside, CA, but host artwork from all over the globe. Our activities are online. See bottom of page for contact info.

I am curious about your financials and want transparency. Can I see more information?
    • As a public charity, our tax returns are viewable anytime through the IRS website. You may also send us a contact form (above) if you need further information.
What don’t you do?
  • We don’t engage in political activites or campaigning, religious or spiritual propaganda, or promoting causes and interests unrelated to migrant families or the artists who participate in our action.

Why don’t you engage in the above activities?
  • Due to IRS regulations, we must adhere to our stated mission and follow the bylaws of our organization.

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