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Frequently Asked Questions

Organization Questions
What organizations qualify for funding from Artists in Solidarity?
  • We provide grant funding to organizations that directly support migrants to the United States in a variety of ways: legal aid, humanitiarian services, vocational assistance, housing/shelter, and more.

What organizations have you contributed to?
  • We have donated to Border Angels, Raices Texas, Al Otro Lado, Border Kindness, No More Deaths, Minority Humanitarian Foundation, Casa Del Migrante, and Casa Lulu. If your organization engages in similar activites as these, you may be a good fit for one of our grants.

I represent an organization that helps migrants and I’m looking for funding. How do I apply?
  • Please submit a contact form (above) and we will keep you in mind for upcoming grants.
  • While not required, we like to see your prior years’ financials to help us make a decision.

How do you choose organizations to recieve grant funding?
  • Every Spring we look at a variety of organizations that work with migrants, researching to their track records, their financials, and their reputations.
  • We then narrow down the list to two organizations who show exemplary service, paying attention to current events and likelyhood of impact.
  • We prioritize organizations with volunteer workforces but do not exclude those with paid workers.

I represent an organization that was chosen to receive a grant. How does that work?
  • We will hold an online auction over a two-week period, usually in the Summer.
  • Over this time we ask that you help promote the auction to increase fundraising opportunities.
  • When the auction ends, we subtract any expenses from the total funds raised, then we split the remainder between two organizations.
  • We send the donation to you however you wish, electronically or by check, but we ask for a receipt for our records.
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