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Removing “Help Cover Fundraising Costs” from your bid
(Best done on PC/Desktop computer)

1. When you enter the “place bid” window you’ll see a dark gray box on the right side with a summary of costs. Look for the section that says “Help cover fundraising costs” and click the small “?” icon:

2. A small box of text will open explaining what the charge is. Click the word “here” at the end of the text:

3. A window will open over the screen. This will give you the option to contribute a different amount or opt-out of the charge. If you do not wish to contribute to, click “I‘d prefer not to contribute at this time”. This will return you to the “place bid” screen.

4. When you return to the “place bid” screen, the amount next to “Help cover fundraising costs” will be reduced to $0.00 or whatever amount you chose on the previous window. You can then click “place bid”.

If you have further technical questions or need a refund for this charge after the auction ends, please contact’s help desk directly. They are very nice and helpful.
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